Dominika Szymanska-McDonald has been my son's behavioral consultant for the last two years.  She directly supervises our home-based program and trains the Behavior Interventionists. Dominika has developed a very positive relationship with my son. She shows understanding of my son’s personality, and is responsive to his needs, by introducing meaningful and suitable programs, activities and behavior plans for my son.
Moreover, Dominika shows consideration for my son’s and my family’s needs by exercising flexibility in terms of the services that she provides - shifting monthly supervision hours to meet our budget. She is very professional in all her dealings with our family in terms of her work and services. 
During all of these years, my son has shown great improvement and the results are very impressive. My son enjoys working and playing with his Behavior Interventionists, he has become much more focused and responsive. He also begins to interact with other children and engages in more appropriate behaviors. At the present, my son understands complex language and speaks in simple sentences, whereas two years ago he could not say “mother” or “father”. 
In my opinion, Dominika is a very warm and engaging person. She provides high quality service and effective behavior intervention. 

- Mother of an autistic son

When we started out with our Daughter’s therapy we had so many questions, and we tried to research the best program for our daughter. But our daughter’s needs dictated to us what she needed and we went with that, so we looked for people offering the Lovaas/Verbal Behavior program (ABA program). This led us to Dominika Szymanska-McDonald.
We are very pleased to have Dominika as our behavior consultant. She is great with our daughter and very skilled in creating programs that best suit our child’s needs. We always recognize her un-diminishing genuine concern for our little girl. When our daughter attended preschool Dominika ensured that our daughter would still be looked after and be taught self help skills as well as how to socialize with other kids. Dominika sent a trained therapist to the preschool to make sure that the teacher’s aide was supported and equipped to teach our daughter.
Dominika implements techniques that make learning easy and motivating for our daughter, based on the principle of positive reinforcement. Dominika was one of the few people who believed that our daughter was capable of learning new self-help skills and communication skills. Our behavior consultant is always very patient and extremely effective with out daughter. Not even for a moment did Dominika doubt that our daughter could reach her full potential. Though the process of learning is sometimes slow, when she does something - even if it's just a very simple accomplishment - we all share in the victory.
Dominika also relies strongly on scientific data collection methods, which we believe is very effective in determining the progress and quality of the program implemented. Moreover, Dominika has always stressed the importance of consistency and maintenance of our child’s skills outside of the therapy sessions, those include the use of effective communication, interactive play and self help skills that foster greater independence.
Most importantly Dominika has become part of our family. She has been a witness to all the events that took place in our life as a family and now she has become very understanding of our needs as parents. There are many more things we like about Dominika - that's why we continue to work with her. We know she has a lot of ideas and techniques. She is a very persistent, consistent, patient, resourceful and dedicated behavior consultant.
Please feel free to ask us questions because we would like to help. We know there are a lot of agencies out there and it can get so confusing at times.

- Parents of an autistic girl