Dominika Szymanska-McDonald

Dominika Szymanska McDonald, Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst (BCABA) began her full time work with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities in 2001. She became board certified in 2005.
She completed her Bachelors of Arts Degree in Psychology at Simon Fraser University. In addition she received intensive training in crisis intervention. The counseling experience has taught her to appreciate the importance of empowering individuals that are seeking help. She embraces and promotes this philosophy to this very day, when working with families and their children � helping them find their inner strength and discovering that they can help themselves.
Dominika McDonald completed her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology with honors in 2011 at the Adler University of Professional Psychology. Her clinical training has allowed her to expand the range of her services and types of treatments. Dominika has extensive experience in implementing behavior interventions with children, teens and young adults with Autism and Asperger�s. In addition, she provides clinical counseling and group intervention based in the cognitive behavior approach or Acceptance Commitment therapy approach to pre-teens, teens, young adults and their families who have been affected by the Autism Spectrum disorder, Aspbergers, anxiety, ADHD, ADD and depression. Her approach is effective since it is multimodal and multi dimensional. Dominika strongly believes that for an individual to thrive in the community, healing needs to occur on individual level as well as within the context of family, community and society.