Applied Behavior Analysis…

represents field of psychology that is concerned with analyzing and modifying human behavior.
Through analysis, behavior analysts attempt to uncover functional relationships between our behavior and environmental events, in other words how a behavior is influenced by existing environmental events. Once a behavior analyst understands environmental events that cause behavior to occur, he can change the events in the environment in order to impact the behavior.
ABA is scientific study of human behavior that emphasizes current environmental events that are functionally related to the target behavior. It requires precise description of behavior modification procedures that would produce specific changes in the environment. The changes in the target behavior are measured by comparing data gathered during baseline period and throughout the treatment. ABA continuously researches effective principles and actively guides the development of educational programs and procedures implemented in behavior modification.

Board Certified (Associate) Behavior Analyst…

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board is a nonprofit corporation established to meet professional credentialing needs identified by behavior analysts, schools and governments. BCABAs must have at least a Bachelors Degree, have 135 classroom hours of specific coursework, meet experience requirements, and pass the Associate Behavior Analyst Certification Examination. In addition, BCABAs must accumulate continuing education credits to maintain their credentials.